Talented Underachiever

You’re meant for more. Time to prove it to yourself.

I help you get more out of yourself because you control your journey. Let’s get more out of each step of your journey.

I believe that we all have more to offer. Not only to the world, but to ourselves as well. I promise to help you tap into that well of talent and stop underachieving.

The Origin Story

Being one of those people with so much potential and never living up to it can be draining. It gets tiring looking at yourself in the mirror thinking that you were meant for more and not getting it.

How many birthdays should I reach thinking:

Damn, another year has gone by. What have I done?

How many New Years are going to pass by where I don’t achieve my resolutions?

Talented Underachiever was created to share my experiences of trying to get more out of myself so I have the opportunity to offer more to the world.

What causes me to procrastinate?

Why can’t I stay focused on a single thing for long periods of time?

How do I start off each day with a bang so when I go to bed I can do so with a smile because I know I rocked the day?

These are just some of the questions I am searching answers for and I want to share my journey with you.


I believe in experimenting. That means trying things out to see what works. I’ll try some popular and under the radar methods to do better.

At the end of this journey hopefully I can call myself a Talented Overachiever.

Paul Scrivens

This is me. Big nostrils, gap in teeth, losing hair and an inability to button shirts all the way.